Kongrathana SIEN

Rathana is working in a Private Company as a full-time staff. Besides working, she spent the weekend joining a yoga teacher training course at AZAHAR Cambodia. Rathana started yoga practice in 2017 and in the same year she began her pre-teacher training in a program called “Peace Program” the program learning includes Non-Violent Communication, Authentic Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Art Therapy (Dance, Poetry, Circus, Bokator) and Yoga / Meditation after that she took her first teacher training. Furthermore, she has joint social work as the project coordinator at Takeo province, which sponsors by AZAHAR Cambodia to provide Yoga, English, and many other fields to push those young people to bring good energy to their society. When covid-19 hit the globe Rathana takes this as an opportunity to train herself more at AZAHAR Foundation including: Young peace builder certificate from AZAHAR Foundation 200 - HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE From AZAHAR Foundation 30 - HOUR VINYASA MIXED LEVEL CERTIFICATION AZAHAR Foundation She used to spend her weekend cooking and sharing vegan food with people around Phnom Penh city for giving a chance to those people with a new taste without meat for promoting peace. Practicing yoga could help her to refresh and bring more awareness to the inner and outer self and can restore the body with positive energy. Namaste!