Ponleu CHAB

In 2018, he started to learn and understand what is yoga and yoga’s benefit as he had never known it before. Sometimes he thinks that it was wasting his time to focus on a full-time job and a lot of pressure on him during the training. However, there is not like what he thinks, just he needs to take time to understand in deep of the meaning and be patient to keep practice it. Until now if he compares himself before it is so much difference. At the same time, he saw and obtained a lot of benefit from it. Furthermore, based on his experience, he applied the yoga practice to reflect on his daily life and all the situation was happened. Hence, He said “It is really affected to our communication and best solutions to solve any problem in the face. Therefore, there is a good message to apply it, while yoga is not only posture or asana but yoga is what you did/practiced with your awareness, consciousness, calmness, peaceful and you know yourself that you are ready to do it without interrupting anybody around you”. Lastly, the reason that he would like to keep doing and sharing yoga with the students or people in society is that he is happy to see their smiles with the peaceful from the beginning to the end of the classes.